Assembling displays at the point of sale

Due to the increased market share of international retailers and considering the variety of POSM designed and produced for them, we created and developed a specialized department in assembling at the point of sale. In a very short time (1-3 days) we can do assembly work in all locations of one or more retailers, across the country. The specific of the assembly work covers all range of products, from simple stand ornaments, to the most complex pieces of furniture, light boxes and “islands”.... read more

Designing & projecting displays and integrated exposure solutions

Using one of the best software in the field (3D Studio Max) and having the advantage of knowing in detail the technology flow, our designers are always ready to successfully cope with any demand. The experience gathered in time and the frequency with which they visit all types of stores, in order to understand the exact situation at the point of sale of any kind, as well as the evolution of modern and traditional retail, give the guarantee of a complex approach of our clients’ requests and, thus,... read more

Delivering products to points of sale in the country or abroad

Through partnerships we have developed with several carriers, as well as with our own fleet, on request, we can provide transport to clients’ warehouses or to specific locations.... read more