We believe that only those who are passionate about what they do, can evolve, the experienced ones may find easier the way to true performance and the serious ones can inspire trust to those around.

Although it was founded only in 2002, Display Solutions’ short history can be confused with the short history of POSM’s production, dedicated to consumer goods market. We tried to take over, to our market scale, the example of leading European companies, integrating all presentation and display solutions, traditional or not, in one name: DISPLAY SOLUTIONS.

Thereby, we began to import, then create and produce displays & shelf accessories in all categories, suitable for any budget and using all types of material (plastic, cardboard, wood, metal, OSB, etc.). We did not hesitate to aggressively promote the concept of secondary placement when, unfortunately, only few of our clients could negotiate with stores such product exposure. We see, therefore, with pleasure, that now, most of our clients ask us solutions of increasingly sophisticated and complex secondary placements.

Leave your brief & requests in our hands and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the results! Our portfolio may be limited but not our ideas, just waiting for your request to be put into practice.